The Temple of the Grand Lodge of Serbia in Belgrade was consecrated in February 2018. It is located in the very heart of Belgrade, in Kraljice Natalijе street. It is filled by the history that our Brothers have been creating since the last awakening of Serbian Free-Masonry in the nineties of the 20th century.

The Temple is equipped for Works on both the Symbolic and Philosophical Degrees of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite, so it is used as its central Temple by the Grand Lodge of Serbia (from the 1st to the 3rd Degree) and the Supreme Council of Serbia (from the 4th to the 33rd Degree).


Club “Leonardo”, which is located in front of the Temple of the Grand Lodge of Serbia, was created for the purpose of gathering the Brothers in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere. The Club can comfortably accommodate up to fifty people at the same time. The doors of the Club are also open to Brothers and Sisters from other Obediences. In this club, the Grand Lodge of Serbia organizes forums and lectures on selected topics from the history of Freemasonry, current scientific achievements, as well as higher levels of thinking and understanding. At some lectures, in addition to the Brothers and Sisters, profane lecturers and listeners are also welcome.


In a quiet part of Novi Sad, in the house for which outsiders could never assume that it is a venue for Freemasonic Rituals, there is a Temple in which the Lodge “Dositej” regularly holds its Works, and occasionally other Lodges, authorities and bodies of the Grand Lodge of Serbia. The capacity of the temple is 50 people.


The first, and so far the only Freemasonic Temple in this part of Serbia, is located in one of the most beautiful towns in Serbia – Prijepolje.

Pleasant and mystical atmosphere brings emphasize to the experience, so that the Freemasons from other cities recount and analyze impressions for long time after the works in this Freemasonic Temple.


Brothers from Šabac use the Temple located in a private facility, owned by one of the founders of the Lodge “Aux Neuf Colonnes”.

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