Lectures Organizing Committee of the Grand Lodge of Serbia closed the cycle of lectures for the winter semester on Dec. 10, 2019 with the theme “Project Christ”, which was prepared by Br. M.M, Worshipful Master of the Honorable Lodge “Phoenix”, which Works under the supervision of the Supreme Council of Serbia.

It was an inspiring story about Kabbalah, the Tree of Life and the extraordinary vision of God and man on Earth and among the planets. In the introductory part Br. M.M. made a brief account of the significance and signs of the Tree of Life, as well as the connection of its pillars with the pillars that adorn Freemasonry Temples.

Many cultures have their own Tree of Life, but the most interesting seem to be those of the Biblical and Kabbalistic traditions. Kabbalah is most easily explained as a Hebrew form of yoga, a system in which the initiate is taught and developed along with his steps on the path to wisdom. This was shown and proved by Br. M.M. who dared to present in his lecture on the border between truth and personal fiction polytheistic and monotheistic religions in the timeless plane of the Tree of Life, and in particular he conveyed his vision of Christ as a project, which we have not recognized until now, and which is shown in the processes that flow along and down the Tree of Life.

This inspiring presentation provoked the attendees to think, and was also the occasion for numerous questions and discussions from the listeners. Interesting conversations lasted well into the night.

The Lectures Organizing Committee plans to host lecturers in the next semester who will present various Freemasonic rites, experts in Freemasonic history, symbolism, philosophy, music, alchemy, as well as oenologists and other experts who can refine the spirit of all those who are interested in this type of gathering.

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