Jun. 12th 2016 – 4. MASONIC PICNIC

Lodge “Svetlost Balkana” organized a traditional Freemasonic excursion this year as well, from Jun. 10th to 12th 2016, which is one of the most important events for GLS members in the summer semester.

The program of this excursion was extremely rich and interesting. First, a visit to the “Commemoration of Calvary of Serbia” exhibition was organized by our Brother and famous academic painter and professor Dragan Martinović, which was installed in the City Museum in Prijepolje. Then the Lodges “Svetlost Balkana” and “Dositej” held an impressive Work in the presence of Brothers from all Lodges, as well as members of the Supreme Council of Serbia, marking 15 years since the decision to establish the Lodge “Light of the Balkans”. The book “The First Freemasonic Lodge in Serbia Bajram Bey” was also promoted, which the head of the “Svetlost Balkana” Lodge presented to the representatives of the Lodges as a special gift. The founder of the Freemasonic Lodge “Light of the Balkans” and one of the Serbian Free Freemasons with the longest Freemasonic experience, our Brother V.R. experienced a special surprise. He was promoted to Honorary Elder for life, and was presented with a special Freemasonic Apron made for the occasion. The Agape was held in the national restaurant where our sisters and children were waiting for the Brothers. The next day, the Sopotnica waterfall was visited, where about 50 “Masonic excursionists” enjoyed this under-promoted pearl of Serbian national treasure. The excursion convoy then went to the next destination – Kamena Gora, where adults enjoyed national dishes and cold drinks until the evening hours, and about 10 children, future Freemasons (2-15 years old) in uninhibited play in nature. On Sunday, the last day of the excursion, the Brothers and their families attended the morning liturgy in the Mileševa monastery, where they also visited the treasury, which, in addition to many valuables, also contains the scepter of St. Sava. The Grand Lodge of Serbia would like to thank the Worshipful Master of the Lodge “Light of the Balkans” D.R., all the Brothers from this agile Lodge, as well as their wives, mothers and sisters, for their Fraternal hospitality and an unforgettable trip that will be recounted for a long time.

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