The Lodge with the longest uninterrupted tenure in the post-war history of Freemasonry in Serbia, the Belgrade Lodge “Pobratim” (founded in 1891, revived in 1990) held a Ritual Work where, just two days after the Consecration and Transmission of the Light to the GLS, the first candidate was admitted to Brotherhood of GLS. After the Expert of the Lodge “Pobratim”, Brother A.K. closed the candidate in the Reflection Room, began the Ritual Work led by the Worshipful Master of the “Pobratim” Lodge – Brother Z.S.

After the ritual initiation of the newly received Brother D.Z. – To the Freemasonic Disciple of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Order, Orator of the “Pobratim” Lodge, and at the same time the newly elected Grand Orator of the GLS, Brother B.R. in an appropriate welcome speech, the new Brother and those present were introduced to the history of Serbian Freemasonry, presenting some hitherto unknown and unpublished information about the Lodge “Svetlost Balkana” and its activities during the Serbian-Turkish war in which Serbia regained its state independence, and the activities of the Brothers from the Lodge “Pobratim” on the creation of the Kingdom of SHS.

The Work was magnified by their presence and guests from other Belgrade Lodges, especially Br. G.P., Grand Ritual of the GLS, who on this occasion performed the duties of Lodge Ritual, Grand Chancellor Br. V.R. and representatives of the Supreme Council of Serbia.

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