In the title of this news, it is simply written “From Light to Light”. That other end of the journey that awaits us and for whose wagons we already have a ticket, but the Great Architect of all worlds jealously guards it and does not want to certify it and point to the seat, leads us to instant death but eternal light in the east when we remembered our Brother V.K. In the vestibule of our Temple, only the beat of every emotion could be heard, which roared through the corridors like a silent avalanche. Brother V.K. was with us and did not get tired until he entered all the hearts of the Brothers. The mourning Work began according to the ritual. A greater silence could not be imagined. Brothers in columns in their places and duties look at the regalia of Brother V.K. who has not left us but moved to the eternal east, and the muffled blows of the sledgehammer follow, urging them to unlock the doors of their hearts into which the Brother has moved and say what they feel.

So it was. It was impossible to hear some more nice words, anecdotes, and even learn where to eat good beans, and how we should actually live here on the other side of the river next to the Lodge of the Great Builder of all the worlds and his columns. We should live exactly as it says in the introduction of this journey through the Work and Work of the Honorable Lodges for every day, date, breath and moment. Brother V.K. he did not deserve to have the chain broken by his departure to the eternal east. The Brothers tied him even tighter and with their hands tightened the love and emotion in a circle but above their heads so strongly that it was felt there somewhere at a station where we, unworthy for the time being, will go and hang out and Work again under oath. WE ARE GRIEVING! WE ARE GRIEVING! WE ARE GRIEVING!

Ritual Works according to the planned plans continued, and the words for our Brother V.K. they were an oath to the Freemasonic Decalogue as a kind of vow that together with our Brother we will stick in the eternal Brotherhood chain and resist every temptation that is placed before us. WE ARE GRIEVING! WE ARE GRIEVING! WE ARE GRIEVING! BUT WE HOPE!

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