In addition to intensive Work on establishing closer contacts between Serbian allegiances, the Grand Lodge of Serbia does not neglect regional and international cooperation. On May 12th 2017, a Ritual Work was held in a beautiful and discreet setting next to Lake Palić, where several extremely important events took place.

The Grand Lodge of Serbia and the Grand Spiritual Lodge of Freemasons of Serbia “Sub Rosa” signed the Fraternal Agreement, the first of its kind in the entire history of Serbian Freemasonry. About 50 present Freemasons from Serbia, Hungary and Republika Srpska celebrated the moment when GM GLS Br. Z.K. and GM SGLFMS “Sub Rosa” Br. A.N. signed an agreement on the basis of which close relations are established between the two Obediences that fully retain their sovereignty and specificities, which, it seems, is the “formula” on the basis of which the unification of Serbian Freemasonry, which has been separated for too long, will finally take place.

This important meeting represented the first Ritual Work of the Lodge “Svitanje” from Bijeljina (Republika Srpska) after 5 years of rest. Brothers from the Novi Sad Lodge “Dositej” came to their aid, so joint Work of these two Lodges was arranged. Mallet was held by the Worshipful Master of the Lodge “Dositej” Br. D.G., and he was assisted in his Work by the Worshipful Master of the Lodge “Svitanje” Br. D.M. The news was solemnly announced that the Lodge “Svitanje” will enter the Fraternal Chain of GLS, which will be confirmed at the annual Convent in June. Lodge “Svitanje” is the 7th Lodge that Works under the protection of GLS, and the first from the territory of Republika Srpska.

The Brothers from “Dositej” gave an unusual surprise to the founder and first Worshipful Master of their Lodge Br. M.C. declaring him Honorary Worshipful Master of this Lodge for life. Br. M.C. was visibly moved, putting on the honorary Apron, evoked memories from 15 years ago, and expressed the hope that the things that distanced him from Freemasonry will never happen again in Serbian Freemasonry. Br. M.C., otherwise a well-known public Worker, expressed his gratitude to the Lodge “Dositej” in choice words, saying that he recognizes in this generation of Freemasons all those values that made him knock on the Temple Door about 20 years ago.

The main theme of this historical Work was the celebration of 275 years of Serbian-Hungarian Freemasonic cooperation. Brothers from the Grand Lodge of Hungary came in the highest composition, which included the Grand Master Br. P.P. as well as the honorary VM and previous head of the “Vodolija” Lodge Br. I.T. who are long-standing friends of the “Dositej” Lodge and the Serbian Freemasonry. Veliki Besednik GLS No. B.R. read an instruction on the topic of Serbian-Hungarian Freemasonic cooperation, in which he presented details unknown to this day that he discovered during his long-term research Work. About 10 guests from Hungary received a translation of this instruction prepared by the previous head of the Lodge “Dositej” Br. J.K. who simultaneously translated the other addresses of those present.

After the hard construction, the Brothers continued socializing at the Agape, with famous Palić wines, a variety of food and stories about Freemasonry in general, and especially about further steps that will lead to even closer relations between Serbian Freemasonic organizations and the development of Freemasonry in the Republic of Srpska. In the undivided opinion of the Brethren from GSLFMS “Sub Rosa”, the Grand Lodge of Hungary, all Lodges under the protection of the Grand Lodge of Serbia and dear guests from the Supreme Council of Serbia, the Brethren from the Lodges “Dositej” and “Svitanje” deserve all the praise for the organization of this important gathering.

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