Question: Are Freemasons godless?

Answer: Exactly opposite! Freemasons believe in the Supreme Creator, whom they call the Infinitely Great Architect of All Worlds, the Great Architect of the Universe, the Great Architect of the Universe, etc., all in order to prevent different names of the same and only Supreme Creator (God, Jehovah, Allah, etc.) from causing discord among the Brothers, because “Brother is dear, whatever his faith”!

Question: Are the Freemasons, as supporters of globalism, working in the interests of the great powers?

Answer: Every true Freemason primarily works on himself, on his own spiritual development. Freemasons from the Grand Lodge of Serbia belong to “patriotic Freemasonry”, which puts the family, the state, and the eventual global interests of humanity first only in the function of realizing patriotic interests.

Question: Is Freemasonry unified in the world?

Answer: Yes and no. All Freemasons of the world are Brothers. They work in many different Grand Lodges and other Freemasonic forms of organization, which are divided into several related groups. Also, there are significant differences in the Rites. The Grand Lodge of Serbia practices the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite (AASR), the most elite and symbolic Freemasonic Ritual, which consists of 33 Degrees.

Question: Is it possible to be a Freemason and a patriot in Serbia at the same time?

Answer: It is quite possible, especially in the Grand Lodge of Serbia. That is one of the conditions for entering our Brotherhood! Loyalty to Mother Serbia, faith in the Supreme Creator and immortality of the soul along with respect for family and moral values are qualities that every member of the Grand Lodge of Serbia must have.

Question: How many Freemasons are there in Serbia?

Answer: About 3000, divided into about 15 Obediences.

Question: What is the difference between Serbian Grand Lodges?

Answer: An easy question, but a difficult answer, which requires a lot of time and space. At this point, we will highlight only this: the Grand Lodge of Serbia works under the powerful protection of the only proper and regular Supreme Council of Serbia, fights for the strict observance of ancient Freemasonic principles with a clear emphasis on the patriotic attitude towards the Republic of Serbia, practices exclusively the Scottish Ritual, does not allow personal vanity to and avarice spoils Fraternal harmony, with equal respect and respect for every Brother, whether he is the bearer of the 1st or 33rd Degree. Here, these are some of the features that make the Grand Lodge of Serbia different from other Serbian Obediences.

Question: Are there Freemasons in today’s Government of the Republic of Serbia?

Answer: There have always been, and there are still today. Sometimes they are in the majority (including the prime minister’s position), sometimes in the minority, but they always significantly influence the politics of Serbia.

Question: What is the attitude of the Serbian Orthodox Church towards Freemasonry?

Answer: The most liberal compared to other Christian churches. Many Serbian Freemasons wore mantles, and even today there are several Orthodox priests in the ranks of Serbian Freemasons. During the past years, the Freemasons were also metropolitans, bishops, and even a saint, who was declared a priest-martyr by the Serbian Orthodox Church after his martyrdom from the Ustasha knife.

Question: Do all Freemasons follow the same Rituals?

Answer: Do not work. In Serbia, Schroeder’s Ritual and Scottish Ritual are mostly practiced, and some (few) Lodges practice the Rituals of Emulation, York and Memphis-Mizraim.

Question: Are the Serbian Freemasons wealthy, or are there workers and farmers among the members?

Answer: They are definitely not rich people, because in Serbia it is very difficult to become rich and remain honest. There are very well-to-do Brothers among us, but also those who live like most other citizens of Serbia. In general, members of the Freemasonry Brotherhood belong to the intelligentsia, i.e. the largest number have a university education, along with a large number of doctors and masters of science, so the number of workers and farmers is insignificant. Although, today it is difficult to even define what “worker” or “farmer” means. There are no factory workers in the sense of understanding that prevailed in the 20th century, but there are civil servants and employees of private employers. There are no farmers who cultivate their fields with a “plow and oxen”, but there are landowners and businessmen engaged in food production.

Question: Who are the most famous Serbian Freemasons?

Answer: General Živojin Mišić, Đorđe Wejfert, Svetomir Nikolajević (the first Freemason prime minister), Stevan Mokranjac, Stevan Sremac… from the long deceased. We will also mention some Serbian Freemasons who moved to the Eternal East in recent years: actors Dragan Nikolić and Milorad Mandić Manda, writers Milorad Pavić and Borislav Pekić, zoo director Vuk Bojović, water-polo player Mirko Sandić and many other well-known citizens of Serbia whose contribution to development Serbia is immeasurable. Of course, the rules of our organization do not allow us to reveal the names of living members.

Question: Why do Freemasons hide their identity?

Answer: In Serbia, it was never easy to fight for general prosperity and social progress, because it always caused suspicion and even repulsion. The majority of people, unfortunately, still tolerate the machinations of individual tycoons and politicians much more easily than the altruistic and humanitarian work of the Freemasons. It is similar in many other countries of the world. In order for our construction to be successful, the secrecy of the membership must remain preserved. On the other hand, every Freemason is free to publicly announce his Freemasonic status, but not for the purpose of “self-promotion”.

Question: What is the “Freemasonic Secret”?

Answer: Each of us is looking for that answer and we find it in different segments of Freemasonry. The Freemasonic Secret can only be discovered and understood through membership in the Freemasonic Fraternal Chain.

Question: Is it possible to expect material benefit from membership in the Brotherhood?

Answer: No, no material benefit can be expected. However, just by coming into contact with the most prominent members of our society, a whole series of new life opportunities is provided. Real Freemasons abhor those who “strayed” into the Brotherhood in search of work, position, money… Such people do not stay long among us. But there are numerous examples of Fraternal assistance, when the Brethren come to the aid of a Brother who has fallen into financial difficulties, and especially to the families of a Brother who has moved to the Eternal East.

Question: Can one expect spiritual benefit from membership in the Brotherhood?

Answer: Of course, a big one too. We strive to become better people in every way, so personal spiritual development is the greatest reward for every member of the Brotherhood.

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