On Sep. 7th 2019, the Convent of the Sovereign Grand Lodge of Austria was held in Vienna, which was attended by an eight-member delegation of the GLS, led by the Grand Master, Brother Z.K. Ritual Work at the first degree was attended by freemasons from Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Montenegro and India, and the Ritual Work was led by hosts from Austria. The entry of the GLS delegation was accompanied by the introduction of the flag and the singing of the anthem of the Republic of Serbia.

The Ritual Work, at which the Grand Master of the SVLA was (re)elected and the new Worshipful Masters of the three Lodges were elected, was, as usual, very well rehearsed and precisely performed. Grand Master SVLA, Brother M.M. during the Work, he appointed Grand Officers for the next three-year period, who then solemnly took the oath. After the completion of the Ritual Work, intensive discussions of the delegations followed, with numerous proposals on closer cooperation and possibilities for regional connections.

To our Brother, disciple, M.P. whose picture was taken by Grand Master Brother Z.K. handed over as a gift to the hosts, the Grand Master of the SVLA was entrusted to create more paintings with a Freemasonic theme for the needs of the Austrian Temple.

The organizers proved to be exceptional hosts, and the present delegations were warmly welcomed and entertained in the Temple in the strict center of Vienna. The Agape is organized in an exclusive restaurant, in one of the most famous architectural and historical sights of Vienna.

The GLS delegation is extremely satisfied with the Work held and its participation in it, as well as formal and informal discussions and agreements regarding new forms of cooperation and the expansion of the Fraternal chain.

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