On Dec. 16th 2016, the jubilee was celebrated, 15 years since the introduction of Light in the Lodge “Dositej”.

In the temporary Temple on Or. Novi Sad ceremonial Ritual Work was held, which, apart from the fact that a Lodge has been in existence for 15 years, this time was marked by another curiosity. Namely, for the first time in the history of Serbian Freemasonry, three Grand Masters, Grand Commander of the Supreme Council of Serbia and Brothers from as many as five different Obediences were present at one Ritual Work. and everyone from Serbia!

This Work has shown that, if not a unification, then certainly an association of Serbian Freemasons is both possible and necessary!

From friendship comes closeness, from closeness develops love, and from Brotherly Love we then come to all that beautiful and excellent, which is why we joined this ancient Brotherhood!

The celebration was graced by his presence and the first Worshipful Master of this Honorable Lodge, our dear Brother M.C. and showed us with his words and behavior how to be and stay honorable, despite all the troubles and temptations that surround us!

It should also be mentioned that the dear guests received appropriate gifts, and this time they were the books of our Brother, whose name this respected Lodge bears – Dositej Obradović. All those present, and there were almost 50 Brothers, received certificates of thanks with a quote from Dositej:

“The mistakes of others should be forgotten,
because we are all fallible,
and well done never.
Don’t start or do anything,
before you think enough
and you don’t know well
what the consequences will be.
The consequence of not only this
temporary and short-lived,
but also eternity itself.
Don’t say anything to be ashamed of,
don’t do anything you might regret!”

The Work was finished, as it should be, at the Agape and socializing late into the night. All those present will remember this evening as a step towards Freedom – Equality – Brotherhood as we need it! The time ahead will show whether we are ready and capable of something more!

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