The feast of winter St. John is an exceptional date for our Brotherhood. At that ceremony, which is organized by the Honorable Lodge “Wisdom” with the Fraternal Lodges, food and drinks were served with the traditional agape ritual in our Temple on December 22nd 2021. It was a blessing but also an occasion for toasts and warm words from the hearts of the Brothers to be heard and echoed through a short review of the act with the word DRINK! Let the light shine in the hearts of the Brothers, the holiday is celebrated!

Excited batteries could be heard all semester, HOUZE-HOUZE-HOUZE echoed in the Ritual Works and the winter semester was exhausted. The blows of the sledgehammers marked the end of a chapter and heralded the beginning of new trials.

The wisdom of the living is hidden in many things and objects, experiences and knowledge, but it was never so visible as through a moment of human weakness to contribute to the Brothers and serve at the table of the Temple, as in the moments when temptation led to the happiness that the Brothers had rasta to Work and do. Our architectural boards were full for the winter semester and the new ones are waiting for the responsibility to carry the burden written on them.

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