May 27th to 28th 2016 – VISIT TO BROTHERS FROM HUNGARY

Within the multi-year cooperation Lodge “Dositej” from Orient Novi Sad and Lodge “Vízöntő” (“Aquarius”) from the Orient Budapest, an eight-member delegation of Brothers from “Dositej” stayed in the capital of Hungary on May 27th and 28th 2016. The delegation was joined by the Most Worshipful Grand Master of the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of Serbia, Brother Z. K. The Brothers from Hungary welcomed us in their magnificent Temple, where – after a short socializing and reminiscing about previous meetings – we held a joint Ritual Work. On the host side, in addition to the Officers and members of Lodge “Vízöntő”, the Ritual Work was attended by the Powerful and Respected Grand Master of the Powerful and Respected Grand Lodge of Hungary, Brother I.T.

Respecting the tradition from earlier joint Ritual Works that during the preparations for the meeting current topics that will help the Brothers in their search for the true Light and which are discussed during the Work itself are agreed upon, two Master Instructions on the topic: “The Secret” have been prepared for this meeting as well. The Brothers tried to shed light on the eternal topic of the Freemasonic secret, which Lessing said “often even those who initiate do not know, and the few who do, cannot tell it” with the help of the Masterly instructions of the Worshipful Master of the Lodge “Aquarius” by Brother P.P. and Master Mason from Lodge “Dositej”, Brother V.V. The reading of these instructions – according to the general belief, expressed during the discussion of the instructions, contributed to the further strengthening of the Fraternal Chain between these two Respected Lodges. After the completion of the Ritual Work, the Brothers from the two Lodges, between whom a true friendship had developed during the previous years, continued their socializing at the Agape, until late at night.

The following day, a delegation of Brothers from Serbia – respecting the earlier agreement – traveled to visit Sentandrea, the former center of Serbs in Hungary. Sentandrea is a small town with a Mediterranean atmosphere, only twenty kilometers from Budapest, with cobbled streets, baroque architecture, and churches of all denominations. It is the seat of the Buda diocese of the Serbian Orthodox Church. Near the town there is an open-air ethnographic museum and the source “Stara voda” where, according to tradition, patriarch Arsenije Čarnojević rested. The Brothers were able to visit four Orthodox churches located in the city: Požarevačka, Preobraženjska, Blagoveštanska, as well as Bogorodična, better known as the Cathedral or Belgrade Cathedral. After visiting the town, which is a real treasure trove of beautiful examples of Serbian baroque art, the Brothers, full of wonderful impressions, returned to Novi Sad, with the intention of hosting the Brothers from Budapest in the fall at a beautiful location in Vojvodina.

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