For centuries, the Freemasonic Fraternity was admitted exclusively by the recommendations and with the guarantee of someone who already belonged to the Freemasonic Alliance. Brothers who are candidates’ guarantors, after careful reflection, and based on the interests and requests (“knocking”) of the candidates, submit a proposal for the admission of candidates of whose admission to the Brotherhood, according to the established procedure, decide the competent Freemasonic bodies, and decide whether the candidate will be admitted or not.

At the beginning of 20th century, this practice is somehow changed in the world, including Serbia. It was noticed that there were a number of honorable and decent people who expressed great interest in Freemasonry, but they did not know any of the Freemasons who would recommend them to join the Brotherhood. This case is especially common in small towns, where there is no any Freemasonic Lodge. Because of this, a large number of Lodges leaves the possibility that interested individuals address Freemasonic Lodges through websites in order to ask for admission to the Brotherhood.

In Serbia, there are a number of Freemasonic organizations, which differ in many things (the regularity, legality of work, the composition of the membership, rituals that are practiced, the number and territorial distribution, etc.). In addition to the institutional relationship, Serbian Freemasons – whatever the Obedience or Lodge is to which they belong, are held and informal contacts, so that the simultaneous application for admission to the various Freemasonic organizations cannot be considered as a factor that will contribute to the “Internet candidate” to be admitted to the Brotherhood. Most often, this approach permanently closes the door to all Serbian Freemasonic Temples. Therefore, before you decide on which door you should knock, inform yourself about the basic characteristics of the Freemasonic organization to which you want to be admitted.

The Grand Lodge of Serbia, even it is a part of the worldwide Universal Freemasonic Fraternal Chain, greatly emphasizes the respect of the Serbian tradition and statehood, which does not mean that in our ranks there are no members of other nations or national minorities. Also, the Grand Lodge of Serbia ritually exclusively practices Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite (AASR), according to the rituals prescribed and approved by the Supreme Council of Serbia, as the highest body of that Freemasonic Rite. This ceremony is known for its drama and symbolism, and as per generally accepted opinion, is the best and the most meaningful Freemasonic Ritual. Members of the Scottish Rite (from 1st to the last 33rd Degree) nurture specific moral values, which distinguish them from other Freemasonic Brethren.

Atheists cannot become members of our Brotherhood. Most of the Brethren are of the Orthodox religion, but we have members of Catholicism, Protestantism, Judaism and Islam, and welcome members of any other confession and religion, because “the Brother is dear of whichever religion he is”. Unlike some other local Freemasonic organization, the Grand Lodge of Serbia puts the emphasis of its work on the spiritual development of members, who during his Freemasonic life climbing a spiral staircase, building inner temple of Humanity. This climb is usually accompanied by assigning the appropriate stages of Freemasonic Scottish Rite.

If you make sure that the principles of the Grand Lodge of Serbia suits your needs and wishes, ask yourself the following questions – in order to know whether you will contribute the wishes and needs of the Grand Lodge of Serbia.

  1. Am I worthy to be admitted to the Brotherhood?

Of course, that those who have criminal convictions cannot become members of an elite organization dedicated to promoting the highest spiritual and moral values. Also, convicted of offenses that make them unworthy members of our society, we cannot expect to join in any of the Lodges that operate under the protection of the Grand Lodge of Serbia. Your personal life and behavior in the profane environment is of great importance for admission to the Brotherhood… Political affiliation or belonging to one of the parties – is not a plus, nor a minus. In our Brotherhood, there are members of all political parties, as well as a large number of members who do not belong to any political party. However, public exposure in the propagation of any extreme political or any other opinion, usually appears as an insurmountable obstacle for admission to the Brotherhood.

  1. What is my family life?

Freemasons of the Grand Lodge of Serbia foster family values. Your family members should be aware of and agree with your desire to become a Freemason. Although this is by no means a requirement, in practice shows that for married family men it is much easier to enter the Brotherhood.

  1. Am I too young or too old to become a Freemason?

A man is never too old. One well-known Belgrade University professor applied at his age of 82 to become a Freemason, that he could at the end of his life’s journey to fulfill a long-standing wish. On the other hand, the Brotherhood admits into our ranks only young adults called Lufton (which are exclusively sons of Freemason). There are no “best years” to enter Freemasonry. It is important that you feel yourself whether you are willing to properly contribute to our joint construction. A Freemason must be able to support himself and his family. A man burdened with the struggle for survival – is not completely free, so it is necessary to first relieve your personal problems (end of study, employment, treatment of the disease, etc.) and then to think about the spiritual progress through Freemasonry. Also, the lack of education of a man would have previously needed him to devote himself to the acquisition of knowledge by conventional means, and only after he gains such education, then to seek for spiritual superstructure through Freemasonry.

After you respond to the above questions, if you are still sure that your life path leads to Freemasonry, we will explain the procedure to you through the electronic correspondence.

You can use the e-mail address:

through which you can send your request, including complete CV (name, surname, ID number, address, work address, educational background, employment and job position, phone numbers, e-mail address, special preferences, hobbies, etc.) and photography. Write down what you think you can help us to know you better, but do appreciate our time, and do not overload us with unnecessary information. A sense of proportion is one of the characteristics of true Freemason.

Arm yourself with patience. Patience is one of the key disciplines in the Freemasonry. And, wait… There is no need to re-contact us, and inquire for the status of your application. If we decide that there is a possibility for you to become a link in our Fraternal Chain, one of the Brothers will contact you. If we decide otherwise, it might happen that we will not inform you about such decision. After we are contacted, if the Brethren assessed you as worthy for admission to the Brotherhood, you will be assigned with the guarantor from the ranks of the Master Mason, which will take care of your spiritual progress and start initiating formal admission procedures.

And, finally: Freemasonry is an elite organization, which for centuries has gathered the best members of the human race. So, do not be disappointed if you estimate that at this point you are not ready to enter the Brotherhood. There are many other organizations with far lower “ladder” (e.g. Rotary International, Lions International, etc.) that in general, in addition to other activities, serve as a potential base selection for admission to Freemasonry. Also, do not choose to be impatient, and apply in some of the “wild” organization in Serbia, that have no special criteria, but admits the candidates even they did not provide sufficient information, just because their main goal is charging high admission fees to the candidates.

Each of us goes through the life path that has marked us. That is why the Freemason is born as such and cannot not be created to be – if it’s your time – we will soon meet in you in Fraternal Chain and together proudly shout “Freedom – Equality – Fraternity”.

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